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Client's Scar Camouflage Experience at MICROBAE

Small scar on a man's wrist.


MICROBAE’s office was in a charming section of South Lake Union, Seattle. Restaurants lined the streets as Amazon employees bustled down the sidewalks. I always find the free banana cart so charming. I followed the validated parking instructions to the parking garage adjacent to the Moxie hotel off of Republican Street.


When I arrived at the salon Jenna greeted me offering me coffee or tea and led me to the MICROBAE office. The office was charming with a large round gold framed mirror, flower decorations on the counter, and Jenna's various permanent cosmetic certifications lining the wall. Tranquil music played quietly. Jenna assessed my scar and skin coloration, and asked me a few questions about how I got the scar before providing me with her recommended treatment plan.

Color Matching

I have fair skin with naturally pink undertones and I know from previous experience that it’s a difficult skin tone to match with pigments, but Jenna meticulously mixed the pigments while explaining what she was doing every step of the way. I found it fascinating. With the final swatch of pigment it matched my skin perfectly, it was seriously impressive.

Scar Camouflage Treatment

I have a low pain tolerance and often suffer from vasovagal around needles, but Jenna’s professionalism and caring personality put me totally at ease. The feeling was slightly painful, but surprisingly tolerable for what I was expecting from a tattoo. Even with my low pain tolerance I didn’t need any pain relief.

Post Treatment

After the scar camouflage was complete Jenna applied a thin layer of ointment to the treated scar and reminded me of the post-care and what to expect visually during the healing process. The redness subsided within a week and I’m so happy with my results, they’re exactly what I wanted. If a scar is making you feel self conscious I highly recommend booking a consultation now. The process was so quick and easy, there’s no point in waiting.

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