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Ear Piercings

At MICROBAE we are committed to providing a safe and stylish ear-piercing experience. Our certified piercers are highly skilled, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment for your ear-piercing journey.

Quality Jewelry: We believe in adorning your ears with nothing but the best. Our selection of earrings boasts high-quality materials, ensuring both elegance and durability. If you have sensitive ears, we offer hypoallergenic options for your peace of mind.

Acupuncture Points: For those looking to enhance not only their style but also their holistic well-being, our expert piercers can suggest specific acupuncture points for different parts of the ears, adding an extra layer of personalization and wellness to your piercing experience.

Your Safety Matters: Your health and safety are paramount to us. We follow stringent hygiene and sanitation practices, using single-use, sterile equipment for each piercing. Our piercing specialists will also provide you with care instructions to ensure a smooth healing process.

Image depicting different piercing locations. In the image, it shows the locations for the Lobe, Tragus, Conch, Flat and Cartilage.
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