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When visiting our modern, Eastlake studio, we strive to offer you a luxury, personalized experience by creating custom cosmetic tattoos catered to your unique style, facial profile and coloring.


Jenna uses her creative detail and technical skills to offer a realistic cosmetic tattoos that will enhance your natural features that become a part of your personal identity. 

Each tattoo begins with an in-person consultation, where I will work with you to shape, design and choose a pigment match. I love that every face is different, and as a result, no two designs are exactly alike; all our work is completely tailored to your individuality. Topical anesthetics are applied before every procedure to ensure the most comfortable experience.

We use sophisticated cosmetic tattoo methods to offer you the most innovative techniques and tools, using only the highest quality needles and organic pigment. We always provide the highest standards of hygiene practices and sterilization; your safety is our priority.


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